Commonwealth Games 2022

The Commonwealth Games 2022 will take place in Birmingham. To prepare for the event Birmingham City Council has appointed Lendlease to deliver the £350m Commonwealth Games athletes village.

The village is being developed on the site of the former Birmingham City University campus in Perry Barr. It is being built to accommodate 6,500 visiting athletes and officials during the games.

The accommodation is a short distance from Alexander Stadium where the track and field events take place. As part of the build it will feature a running track and green spaces. After the Games it will be used to provide 1,400 new homes for the area, including social, affordable and private renting and homes for sale.

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Project and Location

The Challenge

A project of this size is highly complex due to its sheer scale and tight deadlines. It involves a construction team of up to 2,000 contractor footfall per day at its peak.

There are also considerable time pressures with this project due to the award of the Commonwealth Games to Birmingham after Durban withdrew. This has reduced the lead times the City has to prepare by a considerable amount.

The construction of the athletes village is a development scheme at scale and at pace. The work being carried out demands a wide range of equipment being available at any given time. It is vital there are no delays.

The Solution

As a strategic supplier of plant and equipment to Lendlease, we were appointed as partner for all rental needs on this project. As the UK's largest equipment and rental company with vast experience in highly complex, large-scale construction projects we are ideally placed to support Lendlease with delivery of the athletes village.

Crucially, our depots are in prime positions to supply the three main Commonwealth Games sites: the athletes village, the stadium and the aquatic centre. There are a number of our depots all within a maximum of 7.4 miles from each of the critical venues. There is no other rental company who can offer such a range in such a close distance. 

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The Response

Our team has brought its experience and depth of knowledge from projects like the Olympics and previous Commonwealth Games to the project.

We recognise the need for equipment to be accessible and instant for those delivering the scheme. Drawing on best practice from previous projects we offered to install an onsite shop and store facility.

This onsite facility will have a vast range of equipment in stock, readily available to hire out hundreds of pieces of equipment to contractors immediately, without ever having to leave the site. The equipment available ranges from power tools and plant machinery to PPE and lighting. For larger or more complex equipment needs, we have depots already in place within 7.4 miles of the construction site, meaning it can be booked via the on-site facility and delivered quickly avoiding potential delays to the project.

To further support the project, we have assigned dedicated team members to the athletes village project available, 24/7 via a dedicated phone line and helpdesk.

As with any project we always strive to use the most innovative technology in the safest way possible. We work closely with our supply chain to ensure the latest equipment is put in place. We run regular training sessions with all customer teams so new products can be trialled safely. We have planned a number of workshop sessions for contractors on-site to see how the products work and to ensure they receive this vital familiarisation training. 

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