NG Bailey Custom Electric Stackers

NG Bailey is the UK’s leading independent engineering and services business, bringing buildings and infrastructure to life. One of their latest projects is a multi-level development in Central London called The Forge. The Forge is two new-build commercial office buildings, built around a publicly accessible internal courtyard, in total comprising c. 139,000 sq ft. It will be nine storeys high with reception and basement areas. The development will be a high quality and sustainable building with a vastly improved streetscape and public realm.

Project and Location
The Forge, 105 Sumner Street, London, SE1 9HZ
Construction, M&E Stage
Minimum 6 month hire
Products (Inc Quantity)

4 Custom designed extended fork electric stackers

NG Bailey approached Sunbelt Rentals during the early stages of the project to support with developing a solution to safely lift and install pre-assembled modules. The modules were manufactured off-site and contained all of the electrics and pipework needed during the construction of the development.


NG Bailey had initially planned on using standard stackers to lift the modules into place, however this presented a number of challenges. The stackers needed to be a net weight of less than 2,000 kg to be transported using a goods lift between floors. Standard forks wouldn’t be long enough to lift the modules into position, however adding extension forks would have gone against the manufacturer’s recommendation, so wasn’t an option.

We’re passionate about meeting the challenges our customers come to us with, and where necessary we will work with our trusted supplier network to develop custom solutions that allow our customers to keep their projects on track. We are seeing an increase in pre-assembled modules, similar to the ones used on the NG Bailey site, so it’s great that we are now able to offer a safer solution for their installation.
Gary Joyice, Head of Lifting, Sunbelt Rentals


Working closely with our supplier, SHS Handling, Sunbelt Rentals developed and engineered a custom solution, an extended fork electric stacker. The weight of these custom designed stackers was kept below 2,000 kg so they could use the goods lifts on site, they also gave NG Bailey maximum clearance between the forks and mast so the modules could be positioned correctly. The solution was engineered, manufactured and delivered to site within 12-weeks.

With a challenging set of project constraints, it was great to see Sunbelt Rentals understood our needs both on paper and on site. Since using the custom stackers, we have increased our module installation productivity and made the installation process safer due to the extended forks.
Chris Baggley, Project Engineer, NG Bailey


Sunbelt Rentals invested in four of the custom designed stackers and supplied them to the site in early September ensuring NG Bailey were able to complete that phase of the project safely, on schedule and without disrupting the wider site. The stackers are now on long-term hire with NG Bailey.

It was fantastic that Sunbelt Rentals were able to take our project needs and apply them to a niche piece of plant movement. The ease and speed in which they tackled this was exceptional and it enabled a quick turnaround to start the manufacturing of them. Training was also provided on the day after delivery which allowed for minimal downtime and increased productivity.
Chris Baggley, Project Engineer, NG Bailey


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