Millbrook Water Treatment Works

Millbrook Wastewater Treatment Works is located on the Western Docks in Southampton. Originally built in the 1930’s, Millbrook processes wastewater from the Southampton area and processes both indigenous and imported sludge.

A £7.5 million improvement scheme is being carried out by Galliford Try on behalf of Southern Water to refurbish the works and increase the capacity to handle from approximately 11,300 tonnes of D/S per year to 20,000 tonnes of D/S per year.

The works consist of:

  • 2 new thickened sludge storage tanks
  • A new digester tank
  • 2 new post digested sludge tanks
  • 4 new MCC’s
  • 2 modifications to existing MCC’s
  • New centrifuge
  • New sludge silo conveyors
  • Full refurbishment of cake reception building, including new incline and metering conveyors and new moving floor

Due to the large number of Galliford Try workers on-site, welfare facilities are needed during the construction work, comprising offices, a canteen, stores, changing facilities, showers, toilets and a smoking shelter.

Customer Name
MillbrookWater Treatment Works
Project and Location
Southampton Docks
100 Weeks +
Products (Inc Quantity)

Stacked complex of 10 Eco units, comprising welfare facilities on the ground floor and offices on the first floor, plus stores and a smoking shelter

The Challenge

The challenge was to plan, design and install a large cabin complex in an operational Wastewater Treatment Works within a busy container port. The site has limited space and an irregularly shaped footprint. Another important consideration was the positioning of an overhead telemetry cable which runs diagonally across the middle of the site. This posed Health and Safety challenges, as the cable needed to be avoided at all costs during the installation process. In addition, the site can be very windy so it was important that the cabling wasn’t able to strike the cabinsduring windy periods. Other considerations included a shallow groundwater table, poor ground strength and existing buried services.

The Solution

A-Plant Accommodation met with the client to discuss the options available. A number of different layouts and siting positions were discussed before a final layout and position were agreed upon. Foundation drawings were released to the client and concrete strips were poured to level the cabins.

The installation was meticulously planned to ensure it complied with all Health and Safety and environmental demands and a stacked complex of 10 Eco units was installed in just three days, including all works such as link trimming.

The Results

The end result is a high quality, spacious and well equippedcabin compound in Galliford Try’s corporate colours providing all office and welfare facilities for operatives carrying out the works over a two-year period. As the units are of Eco specification, they offer a multitude of environmental benefits to Galliford Try, such as reduced fuel usage, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and ultra-low noise pollution.

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