Goods Only Hoists

Goods only hoist cages are equipped with large drop down flaps at either end of the cage to provide a loading ramp to the landing level. This enables pallet trucks and trolleys to be moved in to and out of the cage with ease.

The operation of goods only hoists is carried out from the ground level using a pendant control attached to the base electrical enclosure by a cable. This allows the operator to stand back from the hoist, enabling them to see the required landing level and stop the hoist cage within the permitted zone. If the hoist cage stops outside the permitted zone, then it is not possible for the person on the landing to open the landing gate and gain access to the hoist cage for unloading.
Goods only hoists are available with cage internal lengths of 1.0 – 6.2 metres, internal widths of 1.3 – 2.0 metres and payloads of 300 – 2500Kg. They use one, two or three motor drives as per the Passenger & goods hoists.

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