Hybrid Power

Our hybrid power generators are proving increasingly popular with customers seeking a sustainable power generation solution and our fleet now comprises over 140 hybrid power units.

Hybrid units run alongside the main generator, detecting when power loads are low, turning off the diesel generator and seamlessly transferring the load to internal stored energy. The two systems work together to ensure that when a higher demand is detected, the load transfers back to the main generator, allowing the battery bank to then recharge.

Hybrid units provide an excellent, sustainable alternative to having a diesel generator running 24 hours a day. By introducing a hybrid generator into your system, you can significantly reduce the runtime of your diesel generator, providing silent and efficient emission-free power.

Power automatically switches between diesel and electric. They are ideal for use in noise sensitive locations such as schools and hospitals, or on sites next to residential locations where noise pollution must be controlled.

  • Carbon and CO2 emissions reduced by up to 60%
  • Zero noise during operation. Ideal for providing overnight power
  • Lower fuel consumption and reduced fuel costs
  • Remote monitoring and track savings using the online dashboard
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Reduced frequency in servicing
  • Solar photovoltaic panels can also be used to supplement hybrid systems
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