Social Impact

At Sunbelt Rentals UK, we have been corporately socially responsible for many years now. As a world-class company we are dedicated to leading our industry in delivering social impact.

To do this we are proud to have invested in a dedicated in-house Social Impact team, that works alongside our operational and account management teams.

Our Social Impact team makes sure on a day by day basis that we create and capture social impact on our projects. We are 100% committed to making a difference!

Creating social impact on your project

Hear our Head of Social Impact, Jackie Cuthbert explain our approach to creating social impact, and why we believe that working together with you allows us to achieve more.

What is social value, and why is it so important?

Social value, or social impact, accounts for at least 20% of the marks on all public sector tenders – it’s a way of  the Government making sure work goes to companies who will ‘give back’ locally. We know how busy you are – so we’re here to work with you!

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We can help you create social impact in the following areas:

1. Environment
2. Community Engagement
3. Local People & Skills
4. Governance

We will work to achieve the greater good by working:

  • Nationally, with partners, central and regional government to help legislate for better behaviours
  • Regionally, with yourselves and suppliers to make a difference across communities
  • Locally, to support grass roots initiatives and individuals – one step at a time.

The power of us all working together is mind-blowing. We will make it happen.

Social impact and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)

Our commitment to sustainability and social impact is evident throughout our entire business. Our ESG Committee meets on a quarterly basis and is responsible for our strategic direction. The Committee is chaired by Douglas McLuckie, MD of ESG, Ashtead Group plc; and attended by Andy Wright, Sunbelt Rentals UK CEO. The committee also consists of Executive Directors and senior management representing all key areas of the Sunbelt Rentals UK business.

On a day to day basis, our Head of Social Impact and Social Impact Manager work with you, our partners, our regional teams, our account managers and over 30 volunteer Social Impact Ambassadors to create, drive and capture social value activity on our project.

Reporting on social value

Our dedicated, in-house Social Impact team is now working in line with Government recommended best practice using the National TOMs Framework.

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