Regional Performance Centre for Sport

Balfour Beatty has been awarded the contract to deliver Dundee’s new £26.5 million Regional Performance Centre for Sport. This elite sports complex will feature a number of new facilities, as well as upgrades to existing facilities at Caird Park. There will be a new indoor athletics centre with an 80m running straight to provide all-weather training for athletes, as well as an eight court multi-sports hub building with spectator seating, a strength and conditioning suite and a state-of-the-art sports science suite.

The campus of the sports facilities will have indoor and outdoor artificial 3G pitches for both rugby and football, designed to meet FIFA compliance standards for football. The athletics track currently at Caird Park is being resurfaced and a covered spectator area added.The project is expected to be completed by autumn 2019.

Customer Name
Regional Performance Centre for Sport
Project and Location
Caird Park, Dundee
15 months
Products (Inc Quantity)

Double stacked accommodation complex comprising 18 x 32’ eco accommodation units featuring canteen areas, drying rooms, toilets, kitchen facilities and office areas

The Challenge

This is a high profile construction project being completed within a strict 15 month timeframe. A large accommodation complex was required in order to provide kitchen, toilet, dining, drying and office facilities for Balfour Beatty workers on the site, as well as sub-contractors and visitors to the site. It was important that the accommodation units provided were are environmentally efficient as possible, as well as providing a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

The Solution

A-Plant Accommodation is the sole supplier for accommodation units for Balfour Beatty and provided a double stacked complex comprising multiple 32’ units in order to provide optimum facilities whilst using the minimum amount of space on this busy construction site.

In order to meet Balfour Beatty’s objectives to embed sustainability throughout their operations, all units provided by A-Plant Accommodation were of eco specification with features such as fully insulated floors, walls and doors, double glazed windows, dual flush toilet cisterns, wash basins with non-concussive taps and low energy lighting.

In total, 18 accommodation units have been provided by A-Plant Accommodation for the full duration of the 18 month contract, all fully set-up in a double stacked configuration. The units on the ground floor consist of 4 x 32’ Eco Canteens, 3 x 32’ Eco Drying Rooms, a 32’ Eco Toilet Unit and a 32’ Eco Office. The top floor consists of 4 x 32’ Eco Offices, 2 x Eco Open Plan Units, a 32’ Eco Reception, a 32’ Eco Kitchen and Toilet. In line with Balfour Beatty’s corporate identity, the units were provided in Balfour Beatty corporate colours of white and blue.

The Results

The accommodation complex provided by A-Plant Accommodation has provided Balfour Beatty with an environmentally efficient, comfortable and professional accommodation solution that is ideal for construction of this elite sports facility. Balfour Beatty workers have first class welfare and office facilities whilst working on the site.

We worked alongside Balfour Beatty to provide the ideal accommodation solution for this project to construct a world class sports facility. A double stacked complex of 32’ units provides welfare and office facilities for Balfour Beatty workers, sub-contractors and visitors to the site. All units provided are of Eco specification to meet Balfour Beatty’s environmental and sustainability objectives.
Freddy McNamara, Project Manager, A-Plant Accommodation

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