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Trakway was once a military-exclusive product, until our founder purchased and redesigned the army’s roll-out roadway into extruded aluminium box panels. Trakway is now a system used the world over. At 95% recyclable construction, it is the most eco-friendly system available.

You may wish to use your trakway to access fields and sites that are usually inaccessible to vehicles, plant or pedestrians.  Our modular bridge systems can provide the ultimate in temporary access, bridging streams, unequal ground and all sorts of landscape complexities.

Lion Panel

Our market-leading heavy-duty system Lion Panel, is the 5th generation and has won numerous awards. Its dual-sided, multi-connected design enables this roadway to carry incredibly high loads across very poor terrain. It has now become a name that’s sought after in our market. Often copied but never beaten.

  • Slip resistance: lowest rating
  • Load capability: infinitely configurable for any load
  • Width: 3000mm
  • Depth: 52mm
  • Length: 2,410 (linked together)
  • Area: 7.23 sq m
  • Weight per panel: 284kg
  • Accessories: edge ramps, cable ducting/speed ramps, ground pins
  • Material: 99% recycled aluminium
  • Install: lorry crane

Note: We often provide other aluminium systems which may differ slightly in size, please check when enquiring.  


TuffTrak is our alternative to aluminium systems. It does not conduct electricity, and so is ideal for working on or near power lines. TuffTrak can be deployed in areas of high theft risk.

  • Slip resistance: lowest rating
  • Load capability: 70 tonne
  • Width: 3,000mm
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Length: 2,500mm
  • Weight per panel: 295kg
  • Material: UHMWPE
  • Install: lorry crane


Groundsmen the UK over, endorse our heavy-duty pitch protector. Developed with insight from leading sports turf scientists, this hand-installed, boltless and seamless trakway will protect a Premiership club’s pitch levels from the heaviest staging and HGV abuse.

  • Slip resistance: lowest rating
  • Width: 3,000mm x 603mm
  • Depth: 35mm (seamless with Supa-trac)
  • Length: 603mm
  • Weight per panel: 47kg
  • Accessories: edge ramps, ½ panels (1,500mm)
  • Material: 99% recycled aluminium
  • Install: by hand


The world-leader in pedestrian access, easily hand-installed ground protection. Supa-trac can be configured in any shape or format. Clipped all-round, it’s a safe and secure solution for all pedestrian, disabled access and ground protection.

  • Slip resistance: lowest rating
  • Width: 960mm
  • Length: 220mm
  • Weight per panel: 2.02kg
  • Area: 3.16sq m (15 panel sheet)
  • Accessories: black and yellow edge ramps
  • Material: white or grey plastic
  • Install: by hand

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