Logistic - Smart Delivery & Collection

Logistic is our smart e-delivery tracking system that seamlessly connects you to your order delivery status in real-time.

With over 200 depots and more than 30,000 customers all around the country, transportation and delivery of equipment is a big deal at Sunbelt Rentals. We have a fleet of over 1,700 commercial, so it’s crucial that the delivery and collection of equipment is carried out efficiently, rapidly and above all, safely.

That’s why we’ve invested in Logistic, to fully connect our depots, drivers, mobile fitters and customers in perfect harmony.

Accurate Delivery, At Your Fingertips

As a customer you’ll be constantly kept up to date via text message, with an ETA as our driver is ready to depart. You’ll receive another text when the driver is 3 miles away, allowing you to prepare for the arrival of your equipment.

On delivery it’s fully paperless and contactless; we take a picture of the equipment, attach to the contract and immediately email these over to you. It’s the same process on collection, so you have instant visibility of the products you have hired or off-hired.

All we ask from you, our customer, is that you provide an accurate site contact when placing the order and email address to send a copy of the contract to, we’ll do the rest.

This huge investment in state of the art workflow-management technology has allowed us to implement a complete step change in service delivery, with more customer interaction and engagement than ever before.

Transparent Communication - Connecting Our People And Our Customers

For our people, Logistic provides instant visibility of our vehicle fleet to maximise utilisation, improve response and create the most efficient routes for our drivers.

The platform allows for clear and transparent communication between our drivers and transport team, at any one point our people can see where each driver is, what jobs are complete and what is still ahead of them.

The app allows our people to plan and schedule servicing, tachograph updates as well as completing daily vehicle checks, which if found are reported back instantly, so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently, creating a safer environment for all.

In short, the ability to communicate clearly, plan the delivery and collection of our equipment much more efficiently ensures our customers receive an exceptional and consistent level of service across the whole Sunbelt network.

Doing the Right Thing

As a company we complete over 1000 deliveries and collections a day, that’s a lot of paper contracts.

Investment in this technology is helping us to meet our sustainability objectives by reducing our paper and manual processes, as well as saving time and fuel, covering less miles and using fewer vehicles.

Our vision was to deliver dramatic change to the way we plan, manage, schedule and track delivery and collect our equipment. Making us more sustainable as company, more consistent as a business and easier for us all to work as one team.

This is only the first step, we have invested in Logistic as a long term solution to a world that is ever evolving. This technology enables us to stay at the forefront of our industry and realise our vision of owning the future of rental.

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