Sunbelt Rentals is the leading provider of temporary walkway solutions for hire.

Whatever the application, site conditions, and duration of hire, our offerings are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our systems protect pedestrians from the surface and the ground beneath them. Plus, a range of accessories to suit your specific requirements.

We have the options and expertise to offer and guarantee the perfect solution.

We have depots throughout the UK, allowing you to rent temporary walkways regardless of location. This not only saves on transportation costs but also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Many of our products are also made from recyclable materials and are recycled at the end of their useful life.

Our pedestrian access systems are simple and quick to install and de-rig, ensuring minimal delays to site operations. And our network of installations crews are available if you need them.

We prioritise safety. When you hire our temporary walkway, you can be confident that every user will be safe. All our products are made with anti-slip treads to reduce the possibility of slips, trips, and falls. 

Our Pedestrian Access Products


    Our plastic temporary walkway and pitch covering system is easy to install and perfect for pedestrian access on every site.


    Terraplas is a plastic temporary walkway and pitch covering system perfect for pedestrian access.


    Easily create temporary roadway access for rubber-tyred vehicles with our man-handleable, plastic medium-duty system.


    Our heavy-duty turf and ground protection system provides vehicular and pedestrian access in one go.

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  • Nearly 1 million square meters of Trakway
  • Over 300 engineers and installation crew
  • 7 dedicated depots across Europe
  • Emergency response

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How We've Served Our Customers

Sunbelt Rentals' pedestrian access and temporary walkways solutions are versatile and durable, making them ideal for a wide range of projects. Whether you need to create a safe and accessible path for pedestrians on a construction site, an outdoor event, or a disaster relief zone, we have a solution that can meet your needs.

Our case studies showcase how our pedestrian access and temporary walkways have been used to overcome a variety of challenges and achieve success. From providing safe passage for workers and visitors on difficult terrain to protecting fragile ecosystems, our walkways have proven to be a valuable asset for our customers.

Sefton Park Tent

Sefton Park Test Pilot Event

The Liverpool Pilot Event was the UK's first post-lockdown outdoor gig. Hosted on 2nd May 2021 at Liverpool's Sefton Park under a huge Big Top tent, the event formed part of a scientific experiment to help get the live music industry back up and running in a safe and secure way.

National Ploughing Association

The historic National Ploughing Championships have been running annually in Ireland since 1931. Made up of an agricultural show and a ploughing contest, it is Europe’s largest outdoor exhibition, attracting 1,700 exhibitors and just under 300,000 attendees. The three-day event sees an average of over 35 million euros being spent.

Glastonbury Festival

As the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world, Glastonbury was established in 1970, becoming an annual fixture in the 1980’s and growing to become the major event in British culture it is today.

Glastonbury does have fallow years. These are taken mostly at five-year intervals and are intended to give the land and local population a break as the festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each time, with the peak set at 300,000.

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