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Compound Solutions


Traditional compound problems

Every site needs a compound. Traditionally you had to:

  • find the right suppliers, available when you need them
  • book them all in to deliver at the right time 
  • avoid excessive delivery vehicles on site
  • ensure standards of quality and safety across site
  • manage multiple supplier relationships and invoices
  • make multiple payments and deal with multiple invoice queries
  • guess at the profit and ROI at this stage of your project.

Sounds like hard work? That's why we've developed Compound Solutions. To make your job easier.

Introducing Compound Solutions

Compound solutions: a multi-skilled team of specialists delivering your perfect site.

Our team has delivered multiple compounds to the satisfaction of our Government client. No other company has the same equipment portfolio as us. Fact. No one else can streamline logistics, finance, project management and on-site equipment experts like we can. Also fact.

Only we can assign you a dedicated, full project team to:

  • understand your needs, and survey your site
  • design your perfect solution and advise on the ultimate equipment combinations
  • co-ordinate the operational teams and all of your deliveries in-house
  • personally supervise the build, on site with our in-house operational teams
  • hand the site back over to you, within time and budget. All within a handful of days.
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The Compound Solution Revolution

We know that we can save you time, cost, effort and energy. Our in house teams work perfectly together to supply everything you need for your perfect compound:

  • trakway, ground protection and access
  • fencing and barriers
  • accommodation and site offices
  • welfare, toilets and drying rooms
  • lighting
  • power generation
  • traffic management. 

All of the plant, tools and specialist vehicles are available to deliver your build. For bigger projects we can even build in a Sunbelt hire facility on-site, to provide:

  • maximum convenience for your workforce 
  • minimum disruption to local residents
  • maximum environmental benefits for local residents.

So, whether you need to develop your site headquarters or a whole range of satellite sites, talk to us and we can help you make it happen.


Creating a local legacy

Our dedicated social impact team can work with you to create and track social impact from the very beginning of a project.

We can help your team deliver the Section 106 planning commitments you’ve signed up to. We can help you choose environmentally responsible equipment to benefit local communities. We can work alongside you in local communities and help create your social legacy. 

You can read more about social impact here.

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