Building Information Modelling for your business


Would you like to build your project virtually before constructing it physically, removing many of the problems which can arise during the lifecycle of a project? Then the Sunbelt Rentals Building Information Modelling (BIM) service is for you.

BIM gives you the power of trustworthy product data at your fingertips for temporary works assets, enabling you to make informed decisions to maximise efficiency, safety, and sustainability while minimising waste and costs right across the supply chain.

Simply use our vast BIM library to download a huge range of temporary works assets into your digital site, then overlay them onto scans or scaled drawings and add the product data directly into your calculations.

You can see precise, accurate data to help you choose the right products every time, while understanding everything from dimensions to features including lighting patterns, lifting points, safety zones, turning circles and sustainability impacts.

Simply configure the product features within your BIM software to give you confidence that you have the right equipment first time, removing the guesswork.

If you can’t find the digital product from our range that you are looking for, or you would like to understand more about BIM for temporary works, email our BIM team, who will be able to assist with your enquiry.

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