With air purification and disinfectant devices from Sunbelt Rentals, you can capture and remove contaminants and create a safer, healthier and more productive environment.

The air we breathe indoors can be contaminated with a wide range of harmful pollutants, from dust, viruses and bacteria to seasonal allergens. These pollutants can have adverse effects on respiratory health and contribute towards the development of long-term health conditions.

We stock a range of portable, discreet, and commercial air purifiers that can be used in different settings, including hospital wards and waiting rooms, classrooms, retail spaces and office environments.

Our air purifiers use the latest technologies and filtration techniques to remove up to 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and allergens within minutes, providing clean and healthier air for everyone.


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Our air quality experts follow the latest guidelines outlined by recognised industry bodies, such as: 

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We'll work with you to develop a tailored solution for your application, from highly sensitive healthcare environments to construction sites. With the UK's largest rental fleet, from plant and tools to test and monitoring equipment, we can combine specialist air quality equipment with a range of other products to provide a complete solution for your site.

Our partnership with award-winning manufacturers, such as HEPACART® UK, allows us to offer you rental options for best-in-class equipment. They're all available for delivery and installation nationwide from our strategically located depot network.

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How We've Helped Our Customers Achieve Clean Air
Sefton Park Tent

Sefton Park Test Pilot Event

The Liverpool Pilot Event was the UK's first post-lockdown outdoor gig. Hosted on 2nd May 2021 at Liverpool's Sefton Park under a huge Big Top tent, the event formed part of a scientific experiment to help get the live music industry back up and running in a safe and secure way.

Covid-19 vaccination roll out centre Somerset

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

As part of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination roll out in 2021, the Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet is to become one of the main centres delivering vaccinations for people in Somerset.

The 240 acre site urgently requires heating, lighting and safety measures to be in place before it could open to the public.

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  • Do Air Purifiers Kill Viruses?

    Do air purifiers kill viruses? How do they work and what are the benefits of using them? 

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been increased interest in air purifiers as people look at how they can maintain their general wellbeing and improve indoor air quality. 

    In our latest blog we look at how air purifiers work, what benefits they bring and whether they can kill airborne viruses.

  • S400 Air Disinfectant In Situ

    Good Air Quality in Education Importance

    In the era of COVID-19, it’s never been more important to have good indoor air quality in schools, colleges and other educational settings.

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