Heavy Equipment Ground Protection Mats for Hire

For over 60 years, Sunbelt Rentals has provided heavy-duty access solutions to all sectors, from infrastructure and events to public companies and local charity organisers.

We have the largest fleet of heavy-duty Trakway for hire in the industry, each engineered to meet specific project requirements.

Not only will you find the right products for your project, but you will also receive expert advice and support. We'll consider the ground conditions, relevant operational vehicles, weight and volume of vehicles, and the duration of hire before advising on the correct solution.

Our cradle-to-grave service covers each project's commercial, operational and safety aspects. And we work seamlessly alongside other contractors on site.

We invest in replacing and maintaining equipment and our people with ongoing skills and mandatory safety training.

When you work with us, you will be working with the best every step of the way.

Our Heavy-Duty Trakway and Temporary Access Products


    A plastic, lightweight temporary roadway system for heavy-duty vehicle and pedestrian access.


    Wooden, heavy-duty track panels designed for boggy and wet areas.


    Our dual-sided temporary roadway system is fit for pedestrian and heavy-duty vehicle use and works on all terrains.


    Versatile road mats for heavy equipment are suitable for stable, flat ground as well as contoured, rugged terrain.

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  • Nearly 1 million square meters of heavy duty Trakway
  • Over 300 engineers and installation crew
  • 7 dedicated depots across Europe
  • Emergency response

Leave the how to us.

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How We've Served Our Customers

Sunbelt Rentals' heavy duty Trakway is a versatile and durable solution for a wide range of projects. It can be used to create safe and stable access over soft, wet, or damaged ground, making it ideal for construction sites, outdoor events, and other challenging environments.

Our case studies showcase how our Trakway has been used to overcome a variety of challenges and achieve success. From creating temporary roads to protecting delicate ecosystems, our Trakway has proven to be a valuable asset for our customers.

Gull Wing Bridge Ariel Shot

Gull Wing Bridge

The Gull Wing Bridge is an innovative piece of infrastructure located in Lowestoft, being delivered by Suffolk County Council and built by Farrans Construction. The bridge over Lake Lothing will provide a much-needed third crossing point, helping to reduce traffic congestion in the town, regenerate the area and attract new investment.

High Marnham Overhead Line Refurbishment Project

Balfour Beatty was appointed by National Grid to carry out the refurbishment of an overhead line running between Cottam and High Marnham near Newark in Nottinghamshire. In service since the mid 1960’s, essential refurbishment work was required to ensure that the line continues to provide a reliable supply of electricity to homes and businesses in the area in the years to come.

Black Rock Sands Beach Landing (Traeth y Graig Ddu)

National Grid commissioned the transportation of an electricity transformer by sea. The transformer, which weighed 128.5 tonnes, was delivered onto Black Rock Sands Beach near Porthmadog, Wales, via an 80m (262ft) barge otherwise known as the Terra Marique vessel.

Airport City, Manchester

Sunbelt Rentals Trakway provided the perfect solution for BCEGI when installing a 400 tonne bridge at Airport City , Manchester.

National Ploughing Association

The historic National Ploughing Championships have been running annually in Ireland since 1931. Made up of an agricultural show and a ploughing contest, it is Europe’s largest outdoor exhibition, attracting 1,700 exhibitors and just under 300,000 attendees. The three-day event sees an average of over 35 million euros being spent.

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