We know that it’s vitally important to test power supply systems thoroughly and provide the expertise and equipment to support your load testing projects, specialising in HV and LV Loadbank hire.

Knowing that your Generators, UPS system and other power sources have been rigorously tested for reliable power output provides peace of mind knowing should an emergency occur, you have a solution in place.

Our AC Loadbanks range from 40kW resistive-only systems to multi megawatt combined resistive and reactive systems in single or multiple units.

In addition, we offer DC Loadbanks and leading power factor Loadbanks capable of accepting various voltages.

Our range of Loadbanks will support:

- Resistive Testing

- Reactive Testing

- Inductive Testing

- G1, G2 & G3 BS Testing Specification

- Powerfactor Testing

- HV Load Testing

- HV Monitoring

- M Load Testing

- Load Data Recording & Reporting

- Generator’s ability to provide the required power during normal conditions

- The alternator’s ability to provide the required voltage stability under varying loads (Integration system test)

- The efficiency of the control systems under varying load

- Whole system performance

To speak to our experts or to find out more about our Critical Power Services, call 0800 231 5758 or

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