Working at Height

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Working at height involves any task performed above ground level where there's a risk of falling and causing injury. This could include activities such as construction work, maintenance, installation, or repair tasks. Ensuring safety in such scenarios is paramount, not only for legal compliance but also for protecting the well-being of workers.

At Sunbelt Rentals, we understand the importance of safe working practices when operating at height. With our extensive range of powered access equipment, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, and cherry pickers, we provide solutions to help you work safely and efficiently at elevated levels. Whether you're working on construction sites, in warehouses, or performing maintenance tasks, our equipment is designed to meet your specific needs, offering stability, versatility, and ease of use.

In addition to our equipment offerings, Sunbelt Rentals also provides comprehensive working at height training courses. These courses are designed to educate workers on best practices, safety protocols, and regulations when working at height. Our training programs are conducted by experienced instructors and can be tailored to suit the needs of your team, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills to operate at height safely.

Furthermore, we offer advanced telematics and access control solutions to enhance safety and efficiency on the job site. Our telematics systems allow customers to monitor the usage and location of powered access equipment in real-time, enabling better fleet management and resource allocation. With access control features, customers can control who has permission to operate MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms), helping to prevent unauthorised use and ensuring that only trained personnel operate the equipment.

Our team of experts provides you with the right equipment for your project, along with comprehensive training and support to ensure safe operation. With Sunbelt Rentals, you can confidently tackle tasks at height, knowing that you have the backing of a trusted partner committed to your safety and success.

Working at Height Regulations 2005

The purpose of the Working at Height Regulations 2005 is to ensure the safety of workers by requiring employers to assess risks, plan work carefully, provide suitable equipment and training, and minimise the risk of falls and injuries when working at height.

The first step is for employers and those in control to assess the risks first. Factors to weigh up include the height of the task, the duration and frequency. As well as the condition of the surface being worked on. There will also be low risk situations where a working at height risk assessment says no extra precautions are needed.

The HSE working at height law says you must make sure:

  • All working at height is planned and organised.
  • Those involved in working at height are competent.
  • The risks from working at height are assessed, and appropriate work equipment is used.
  • The dangers of working on or near fragile surfaces are managed properly.
  • The equipment used for working at height is inspected and maintained

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has guidance online to help you comply with the Working at Height Regulations 2005.

Working At Height Safely With Sunbelt Rentals

In addition to supplying a wide range of powered access machinery and MEWPs, we offer a variety of supplementary products and services.

  • Access Control

    Our access control systems prevent the unauthorised use of MEWPs on site, granting access via a PIN number or RFID card.

  • PPE

    From head protection to safety footwear, we strive to avoid incidents and injuries by providing appropriate PPE.

  • Secondary Guarding

    Should the operator come into contact with an obstruction, our secondary guarding products stop the MEWP and its controls.

  • Telemetry

    For total control over your powered access fleet, telemetry supplies a wealth of data regarding the location and usage of assets.

Working at Height Training Courses

In addition to offering MEWP hire, we're proud to be accredited as both an IPAF and PASMA training provider.

Safety is our top priority in every operation. Our expert-led courses empower your team with the necessary knowledge and expertise to confidently and competently operate powered access equipment and access structures.

Our working at height training courses are tailored to all skill levels, ensuring every participant gains valuable insights and practical skills to enhance workplace safety and productivity.

FAQs About Working At Height

Download - Working at Height Guide

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Our Range of Powered Access Equipment

  • three operators inspecting a boom lift on a Sunbelt Rentals depot

    Boom Lifts

    Our varied selection of boom lifts ensures safe and efficient access to elevated areas, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Scissor Lifts

    Convenient and safe, our wide array of scissor lifts provide swift and efficient solutions for various height-related tasks.

  • a black tracked access equipment on an open lot

    Tracked MEWP

    Discover enhanced stability and efficiency with our tracked MEWP for challenging working environments.

  • Vertical Mast Lifts

    An ideal MEWP solution for confined spaces, our range of vertical mast lifts allows you to easily reach awkward places.

  • Truck-Mounted MEWP

    Allowing operators to reach locations easily, our truck mounted platforms offer plenty of mobility and flexibility.

  • Man Standing On Low Level Access Platform On Site At A Sigma Retail Solutions Location In Warehouse

    Low-Level Access

    Our low-level access equipment offers accessible, safe and efficient solutions to minimise working at height risks.

  • Accessories & Attachments

    We also supply a wide range of powered access attachments and accessories to help your project run smoothly.

  • Over £100m of market-leading equipment

  • Over 30% of fleet under 2-years-old

  • Over 250 powered access experts

  • 18 dedicated depots nationwide

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