Beam Hoists

Beam hoists are most commonly found on city centre construction sites adjacent to main roads with no off-road unloading facilities.

These sites typically have a scaffold gantry built out over the pavement and delivery vehicles pull up alongside the gantry to be offloaded. The beam hoist is an 'I' section beam, mounted on the site scaffolding and extended past the outer edge of the gantry. A motorised trolley unit, which has an electric winch suspended from it, runs along the beam. This enables materials to be lifted from the delivery vehicle, transporting them via the trolley onto the gantry for distribution to the workplace.

Winch units are available with a variety of chain lengths and 1000 or 2000Kg lifting capacity.

Please note that we only supply beam hoists as part of a package with a goods only or passenger & goods hoists.

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