With the largest hire fleet in the UK, we offer various energy-efficient gas heaters to provide comfort and warmth in different settings.

Our portable gas solutions have different heating capacities for all environments, with smart controls to regulate temperatures as needed.

Our stock include units from trusted brands, ensuring you get the most out of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) power source. And because it’s an environmentally friendly power source, our space heater hire services are ideal for indoor venues like homes, schools, and offices.

Our Gas Heaters

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Need Help Choosing the Right Gas Heater?

Have a look at our heating calculator and find out what size heater you need to warm your workspace.

Need Help Choosing the Right Gas Heater?

Our heating experts follow the latest guidelines outlined by recognised industry bodies, such as: 

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Our Services and Solutions

Our world-class service is built on a highly trained team that will work with you to design an efficient, cost-effective, rapid climate control solution. We will visit your site to assess your requirements and provide timely product delivery from our nationwide depots closest to you. Our experienced engineers will ensure your equipment is strategically placed to deliver optimal performance, followed by a face-to-face demonstration to help you understand your equipment and how to operate it safely.

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