Transport Platforms

Transport Platforms are a hybrid between a Passenger / Goods Hoist, and a Goods Only Hoist. If used as a passenger and materials carrying machine, then these must be fitted with a roof and travel at a speed of 12 metres per minute and are operated from within the platform.

When operated as a goods only machine there is no need for a roof and they generally travel at an increased speed of 24 metres per minute and are operated from base level.

Typically these platforms are suited to bulkier loads, where an enclosed hoist may not provide sufficient headroom such as unitized glazing panels, oversized palletized materials and bathroom pods etc.

We offer some of the largest capacity transport platforms currently on the market ranging from 500Kg to 6000Kg. Cage sizes range from 1.6m to 6.2m in length with a wide variety of configurations possible.

They are generally supplied with reduced height landing gates and base surrounds, so its recommended that additional site risk assessments are conducted prior to use.

These can be twinned with conventional Passenger and Goods Hoists to suit bespoke applications.

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