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Energy Management System

Start reducing your fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 80% through the real-time regulation of energy demand

Energy Management System

An Energy Management System manages the demand of power to avoid unnecessary peaks. The system intelligentially switches non-essential assets off when demand spikes. As your energy consumption comes down, so do your costs.  

Energy Management System

What is an Energy Management System?

An Energy Management System automatically reduces the peaks in energy demand across construction sites, therefore reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This is achieved by the technology managing both the demand and supply of energy.

When multiple supplies are available, the technology will select the most efficient and selected loads automatically shed within seconds to manage demand on the supply. Demand is managed on a phase-by phase basis, with loads shed only on phases experiencing high demand.

An Energy Management System is also able to consider and schedule the ambient outside temperature so that space and water heating can be optimised.

We recognised that radio communications often fail on construction sites - particularly those in remote areas. Our unique powerline solution does not run the risk of interference. You can be confident in knowing your site will run smoothly, without disruption. 

Benefits of an Energy Management System

  • Reduces carbon emissions by 30% - 80%
  • Reduces carbon consumption to drive down fuel costs
  • An automated solution which runs without intervention
  • Unique powerline solution from receiver ensuring no risk of interference
  • Reduces the size of generator required
  • instantly reduces energy consumption on your site, saving you money from day 1.


1. Why is Eco Lync better than its competitor?

Eco Lync does not communicate via radio and therefore does not run the risk of interference. The powerline technology used by Eco Lync is robust and reliable. Eco Lync controls individual circuits rather than whole cabins. The system utilises time scheduling capabilities, using energy only when it’s required. It also automatically selects the most efficient supply.

2. What is Eco Lync?

A control system for microgrids that is designed to minimise consumption of fossil fuels while maintaining the expected standard of welfare. This saves CO2 and cost.

3. Why do I need Eco Lync?

  • To reduce carbon emissions by between 30% and 82%
  • To secure more bids, due to providing a more sustainable offering than competitors
  • To significantly reduce fuel costs
  • To save money

4. Can I use Eco Lync without a generator from day 1?

Yes, Eco Lync can work equally well on a mains supply.

5. Can I review data from my mobile phone or tablet, is there an App?

Yes, data can be viewed on a phone using a browser and settings can be altered. There is no app for viewing data. We do have an app for configuring end points (receivers).

6. How many circuits can an Eco Lync receiver control?

An individual receiver can control up to 3 circuits independently.

7. When will I start seeing savings on my site?

From the day it's commissioned

10. Is there a risk of communication interference on sites with Eco Lync?

There have been no reports of this that we are aware of. All Eco Lync equipment has been approved to applicable standards by a recognised testing house for electromagnetic compatibility and electrical and fire safety.

11. Would I need to hire accommodation units from Sunbelt Rentals to use the Eco Lync?

Not at all, we can retrofit this product into any cabin, building or offices


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