Trench Boxes, Drag Boxes & Manhole Boxes

Trench Boxes, Drag Boxes and Manhole Boxes provide a safe working environment during site excavations by shoring up and withstanding the surrounding ground pressure. Trench and Manhole boxes are used to create a safe work space for installing, assessing or removing structures buried in the ground (generally up to 3m deep).

While drag boxes are widely used to support narrower excavations in the laying of pipes or cabling. Our team can advise on specific product dimensions, the best configuration(s) for your needs and ancillary products including Manhole Shutter Wraps and Trench Struts.

Trench and Manhole Box Hire by Sunbelt Rentals

Why choose Sunbelt Rentals for your Trench, Drag and Manhole Box requirements?

Trench Boxes, Manhole Boxes, Drag Boxes, Mini Boxes and Backhoe boxes all available in various sizes. Struts, Manhole wraps, Edge protection and Ladders also available for hire.

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