Sunbelt Rentals provide a range of falsework and temporary propping systems from heavy duty, technical applications backed by our design service, right through to standard Acrow props.

Façade Retention & Heavy Duty Shoring

Façade Retention System

The Façade Retention System incorporates standard slimlite soldier equipment with multi-joint connectors, so horizontal and vertical members can be connected at any position along the length of each shore.

This enables greater flexibility in the design and a high capacity loading solution.

Stability is obtained by anchoring the soldiers to concrete blocks with sufficient weight to resist all horizontal and any vertical forces. It is suitable for building renovation, demolition, propping, needling and can also provide the support platform for site cabins above ground level.

Heavy Duty Shoring

Standard slimlite soldiers are used for heavy duty shores in all heavy duty propping. The units are made of high grade steel with a compact yet strong section, spliced end to end they can be constructed to any desired length.

The resultant heavy duty shores provide a load bearing capacity of up to 200kN in the vertical mode and up to 130kN in a raking application.

Co-Planar Shoring System

The CP-75 Co-Planar shoring is a tried and tested, modular, falsework system for civil engineering or heavy slabs in the commercial and residential construction sectors.

Suitable applications include bridges and overpasses, underpasses and culverts, heavy and high level concrete slabs, and all civil engineering, commercial and residential applications.



MEP Shoring System

The MEVA MEP shoring tower is a modular system to support heavy loads and the construction of slabs and beams at virtually any height.

It also acts as a premium safety working and access platform. The MEP shoring system is capable of handling virtually any slab forming project with only two basic components. Depending on the subsoil and the required load capacity the shoring system can be easily adapted by connecting reinforcing frames.


ESS21 Parapet Support System

 The ESS21 parapet support system uses slimlite soldiers as its primary component. It can be used on concrete or steel structures to provide access and support to slab edge and parapet shutters.

Suitable for bridge deck cantilevers, on concrete or steel and concrete composite decks, pile capping beams, cantilever walkways at the top edge of in-situ walls, loading platforms on outside edges of structures, heavy duty fans/debris screens and loading platforms for multi-storey construction.                   


ME & MD Props

The ME prop is a galvanised steel prop conforming to European standard EN 1065 (class E). It has a safe working load capacity of 30kN at any extension.  The MD prop has a safe working load capacity of 20kN at any extension.

Both props can be used as individual, stand-alone props or to support the MevaDec panel slab decking system. They can be used to support more traditional slab formwork, such as H20 primary and secondary beams or Slimlite and Super A Beams.

Acrow Props and Push-pull Props

Acrow Props

Acrow props and push-pull props are used as temporary supports during building works, eliminating costly labour andincreasing efficiency.  They are used to temporarily support existing walls, as  falsework support to reinforced concrete and beams, raking shores to brace formwork for walls, stairs and columns and as temporary support for repairs, lintels, beams and canopies, installation of wall ties, new windows or doors.

Push-pull Props

The adjustable push-pull prop has been adapted from the standard Acrow prop with an additional locking device to maintain rigidity and maximum safety.

We can also supply push-pull prop head and base plates, double couplers and swivel couplers.

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