Vehicle Bridge Across A Land Ditch


Temporary bridging systems engineered to your application.


Need a temporary bridging system that meets your project requirements? We have the expertise to provide you with an engineered solution from start to finish, whether it’s for a planned, reactive or emergency application.

Our bridging systems can accommodate pedestrians through to heavy-duty vehicles, from a trench-crossing from 4m to 9m span to heavy duty vehicle bridges from 7.75m up to 24m span. The bridges are LM1 and LM2 load models, constructed to EN1991- 2:2003.


The vehicle bridge system is capable of carrying gross weights of up to 44 tonnes, making it perfect for construction sites where large numbers of vehicles are expected, as well as event locations. For weights beyond 44 tonnes, EU Highway specifications can be calculated for.

Using beams and Trakway panels, the bridge comes complete with safety barriers to ensure secure passage across almost any void, including impassable ditches and wet or dry moats. Bridges can also be installed over existing bridges that have a low max gross weight acceptance.

Where appropriate, we will deal with any temporary planning, approval in principle as well as form and erection handover checks.

Key features include:

  • Safety barriers
  • Modular construction
  • Minimal ground preparation required
  • Swift installation and recovery
Vehicle Bridge Built Over A River


Trench crossing is a robust temporary bridging system, which can be used in almost any situation to provide rapid vehicle access.

Constructed from galvanised steel, this easily installed, modular system can easily withstand loads up to 80 tonnes when spread across 6 axles at 1.2 metres. In addition, it can readily adapt to different widths in increments of 2 metres as the sections easily connect together. The crossings can also be installed and used straight away as additional toe ramps are not required.

The units are supplied with 1.1 metre handrails, feature a non-slip, bimagrip surface and have brackets which allow debris screens, branding, solid panels or mesh panels to be attached.

Trench crossings can be placed on a variety of footings including timber, steel, concrete or hardcore, dependent upon site conditions.


We can provide you with a full-service solution, from an initial site survey, supporting planning, calculations and design, to delivery and installation. We will ensure that your Bridges solution is setup on time, in budget and in the safest way possible, with the least disruption to your work.

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