We hold the UK’s largest fleet of temporary, portable air conditioning units, evaporative coolers and industrial fans.

With depots nationwide, we can deliver cooling solutions next day and within four hours to critical sites.

Our range of portable cooling products can provide relief during hot weather or additional capacity where your fixed unit isn’t sufficient. With the flexibility to move and position the units, you can achieve the safest placement, directing air away from employees, students, patients and customers.

With decades of experience supporting customers across diverse environments, from healthcare and events to retail and commercial spaces.

Our experts will also install and provide product demonstrations to help you get the most out of the equipment. All according to the latest guidelines outlined by recognized industry bodies, such as:


Our world-class service is built on a highly trained team that will work with you to design an efficient, cost-effective, rapid climate control solution. We will visit your site to assess your requirements and provide timely product delivery from our nationwide depots closest to you.

Our experienced engineers will ensure your equipment is strategically placed to deliver optimal performance, followed by a face-to-face demonstration to help you understand your equipment and how to operate it safely.

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Our decades of industry experience puts us in a unique position to meet your cooling needs.

Need Help Choosing the Right Cooling Products?

  • 24/7 heating and cooling uptime

  • 10 strategically placed climate control depots across the UK

  • 40+ years experience in temporary cooling and heating solutions

  • 4 hour delivery to critical sites, 24/7 365 days a year

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How We've Helped Our Customers

Air Conditioning Unit In Situ

Newham University Hospital is based in the heart of east London and serves one of Britain’s most diverse, fastest growing and youngest populations. The hospital offers a range of local services including a 24 hour Emergency Department, an Urgent Care Centre, a modern purpose built outpatient facility and care of the elderly unit. The hospital also houses the local stroke and TIA centre.


  • Before you hire or purchase an air conditioning unit, there are several factors to consider. What type of air conditioning unit is best suited for your purposes? What cooling capacity is needed? Where is it best to position an air conditioner for maximum effect?

  • Worker In Factory Wiping Sweat From Brow

    With outside temperatures starting to rise, now is the perfect time to ensure your employees are protected from the effects of heat stress in the workplace.

    But what is heat stress, what problems can it cause and how can it be prevented? Find out in our latest blog...

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