Mobile Radios

Streamline communication for your mobile workforce with Sunbelt Rentals' reliable mobile radio solutions.

We offer a diverse selection of top-tier mobile radios from trusted brands like Motorola and Hytera, catering to various industries and applications.

Our mobile radios provide crystal-clear communication within vehicles, whether your teams manage deliveries, operate in remote locations, or coordinate security efforts. These robust radios are built to withstand demanding environments and offer features like long battery life and user-friendly operation. All our mobile radios are suitable for use in vehicles, cranes and in the office as a dispatcher.

Explore our extensive mobile radio rental options and find the perfect fit for your next project, ensuring your team stays connected and informed wherever their work takes them.

Our Range of Mobile Radios

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Looking to Buy Hytera Communications Equipment?

We stock a wide range of Hytera radios, body cameras, and accessories with fast delivery nationwide.

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