Plastic Temporary Walkway for Pedestrian Access for Hire

Supa-Trac is a plastic temporary walkway and pitch covering system for pedestrian and lightweight vehicular access.

This ground protection and access system can be used for car parking, small walkways, to cover grass surfaces or as a helipad.

For vehicle access, this event flooring system works best in large pad areas. But it only requires 1.15 meters of space to serve as a walkway.

The lightweight panels can be laid quickly and easily without tools or additional equipment. When de-rigging a large pad area, you only need a screwdriver to release the locks for swift removal.

Supa-Trac is also super accessibility-friendly. The high-vis ramps around the edges aid wheelchair access for disabled use and prevent trip hazards.


Suitable for: Unsuitable for:
Light vehicle use in pad format Heavy vehicles
Standing pad Use as a roadway
Vehicle weights of 3.5t per axle  


Colour / Material Plastic
Weight 9.2kg² - 2.02kg per section
Length 220mm
Width 960mm
Depth 35mm
Area 3.16m² (sheet of 15 panels)
Carrying Capacity Light vehicles dependent upon ground conditions

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Download - SupaTrac Specification Sheet

Learn more about why our SupaTrac products is a suitable temporary walkway system for stadiums, concerts, car parks, etc.

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