Our evaporative coolers are the perfect cooling solution to hire for larger and partially or fully open spaces like warehouses, workshops, and outdoor events.

Also known as swamp coolers, they work by speeding up the evaporation process with a simple fan to draw the hot and dry air in, passing it over a specially designed pad that absorbs water from a reservoir before spitting out cold air. 

Our team of climate control experts will help you install the evaporative coolers and ensure you get the most effective solution for your space.

With continued investment in the most modern equipment, renting from us comes with immediate product delivery. As well as access to the latest technologies, including built-in UV lamps that disinfect the water to reduce the transmission of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Our Evaporative Air Coolers

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Our cooling experts follow the latest guidelines outlined by recognised industry bodies, such as ...

Our Services and Solutions

Our world-class service is built on a highly trained team that will work with you to design an efficient, cost-effective, rapid climate control solution. We will visit your site to assess your requirements and provide timely product delivery from our nationwide depots closest to you.

Our experienced engineers will ensure your equipment is strategically placed to deliver optimal performance, followed by a face-to-face demonstration to help you understand your equipment and how to operate it safely.

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