Fuel Management

Our 24/7 Fuel Solutions will keep you running 24/7

Fuel Management

At Sunbelt Rentals, we offer hassle-free managed fuel solutions with next day delivery and 24/7 service. Remote monitoring and scheduled deliveries provide an extra level of safety and security.

Our Service

Reducing risk is a key part of fuel management and our security measures help protect against overnight fuel thefts and the possible expense of refilling units. Similarly, running out of fuel can lead to extra work and unnecessary charges for the cleaning and restoration of generators.

We can monitor your fuel levels to make sure that all your generators are topped up, all the time.

  • Remote monitoring to ensure you never out of fuel
  • Constant monitoring and scheduled deliveries provide an extra level of safety and security
  • Security alarms signify theft or spills
  • Dedicated Fuel Desk available. Free up site personnel from having to check fuel levels to prevent running low of fuel.
  • Allowing personnel to look after the general running of sites
  • Reports can be produced showing fuel consumption by site and a summary of CO2 emitted via diesel

Fuel Stations

Sunbelt Rentals Fuel Stations provide an on-site fuelling point. Fitted with the latest telematics technology, Fuel
Stations not only provide a simple and convenient site fuel supply, they also track fuel levels, record which sub-contractor is taking fuel and which machine the fuel is being used for. They can also send e-mail or text alerts when the fuel level reaches a specified point.

  • Fuel pump dispenser operated via a fob or pin code system
  • Secure container reducing the potential for fuel theft
  • Single refuelling area
  • Facilitate charging control of sub-contractor usage. Real-time control of all fuel transactions
  • Fully bunded secure storage tank and reduction in site spills

Fuel Tanks

Our Fuel Tanks provide an efficient and environmentally friendly onsite fuel supply solution. They are fully transportable and designed to fuel up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously, saving you time and allowing you to double or triple the run times of equipment.

  • Transportable and approved to allow handling while the tank is full
  • Access manway enables easy maintenance and inspection of inner tank. Removable inner tank allows for servicing and cleaning
  • Can be stacked when full or empty to reduce storage space
  • Environmentally safe with UL 142 approval, double walled and contained to eliminate the need for spill pans
  • Lockable equipment cabinet secures fuel and fuel ports to run up to three pieces of diesel powered equipment and pump fuel, all whilst the cabinet is locked

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