Vertical Mast Lifts

Vertical mast lifts, also known as personnel lifts, are handy machines designed for going up and down in tight spaces.

They have a single column that lifts a platform straight up, which makes them great for reaching high places in small areas. These lifts are easy to use, stable, and can manoeuvre through narrow spaces, making them useful for tasks like maintenance and construction where you need to go up but don't have a lot of room to move around.

Our Range of Vertical Mast Lifts

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Working at Height Safely with Sunbelt Rentals

At Sunbelt Rentals, safety is the cornerstone of achievement, particularly when working with cherry pickers and elevated platforms. Our teams undergo comprehensive training to ensure they possess the expertise and acumen necessary to avoid accidents while working at height.

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Training Services

We take pride in our accreditation as an IPAF and PASMA training provider, offering an extensive array of courses to you and your teams, including:

  • Certified Access Tower Training by PASMA
  • MEWPs Operator Training by IPAF
  • PAL+ Advanced Operator Training by IPAF
  • Demonstrator Training by IPAF
  • Push Around Vertical (PAV) Training by IPAF
  • MEWPs Safety Harness and Lanyard Training by IPAF
  • MEWPs for Managers by IPAF

Our training programs guarantee comprehensive readiness to address challenges posed by elevated work environments. By undergoing our courses, you can ensure a safe operational atmosphere for yourself and your team.

Need Help Choosing the Right Vertical Mast Lift?

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  • Every safe height
  • Every remote location
  • Every training requirement
  • Available nationwide

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