Stocking one of the largest fleets of formwork systems in the UK, Sunbelt Rentals Formwork and Falsework has you covered. Our solutions include vertical formwork systems for constructing walls, columns and curves, to horizontal slab formwork systems.

Vertical Formwork Systems 

EcoAs Small Wall Panel System:a modular wall formwork system designed for small and medium-sized concrete projects in the residential, commercial and light industrial sectors.

The lightweight steel panels can be erected by hand by just one operative - no need for the use or expense of a crane. It allows time and labour saving concrete pours, and is particularly well suited for use on irregular layouts and complex small structures.                                                                                                                                      Suitable for: restricted access pours, foundations, lift shafts, concrete beams and stairwells; walls (2.4m or smaller) and swimming pools.











Mammut 350 Large Wall Panel System: the leading formwork system for architectural finish in civil engineering, commercial and residential construction.

The basic panel covers two different floor heights of 3.5m and 2.5m and can be used horizontally or vertically. One panel provides a forming surface of 8.75m².

Suitable applications include very high walls and large concrete structures, fast, high pours with flowable and SCC concrete and infrastructure, power plants and waterworks.

Single Sided Wall System in place on a construction build holding up concrete

STB Single Sided Wall Support System: This system anchors safely and efficiently into the foundation or floor slab allowing single-sided forming of walls up to 12m or more.

Suitable for concreting against rock or soil, sheet piling, basement retaining walls, shafts and tunnels, underground car parks, basement construction for commercial and residential buildings or heavy civil engineering projects.

Radius curved wall system in place ready for concrete pouring to build the permanent wall

Radius Curved Wall Panel System:  State-of-the-art circular wall formwork system for all round walls from a radius of 2.5m upwards.

Compatible with the Mammut M350 wall formwork system, the panels are connected with each other using the same MEVA assembly lock and is perfect for architectural concrete in waste water treatment plants, car park entry or exit ramp walls, high-rise buildings and architectural walls.

MGC Rail Guided Climbing System:  This system comprises vertical formwork and safety platforms as a single unit. It remains securely attached to the building structure during building and lifting so wind velocities do not affect the building process. Assembly is at ground level for improved safety and speed.

Suitable for multi-storey projects, stair cores, shear walls, industrial and civil engineering, high-rise buildings, bridge and infrastructure projects.


Horizontal Formwork Systems



MevaDec Slab Formwork & Falsework:  The MevaDec slab formwork system is perfect for multi storey use, as its quick strip system can reduce the time to complete almost any project.

It is the efficient, flexible, hand-set slab solution for crane-independent use. Suitable for any slab it can be used for multiple floor levels, constant geometries, repeated re-uses, short cycles times and commercial, residential, hi-rise and multiple pour construction. With MevaDec, three-day cycles are feasible.

H20 Timber Beam System: The MEVA H20 formwork girder is an engineered composite timber beam, used to construct concrete slabs, wallsand columns.

It is used for primary and secondary beams in slab construction, including table and flying forms. It can be used as walers on wall and column forms, backed by Slimlite soldiers. It is suitable for all commercial, residential and civil engineering applications.


Super A Aluminium Beam onsite apart of construction wall set up


Super A Aluminium Beam:  The Super A beam aluminium waler is a light weight, durable alternative to traditional timber or timber girder beams.

It can be used in formwork applications, including the construction of concrete slabs, walls and columns, and primary and secondary beams in slab construction, including table and flying forms.

It can also be used on wall and column forms, backed by Slimlite soldiers. Suitable for all commercial, residential and civil engineering applications.





Formwork Accessories


Slimlite Soldiers:  Slimlite Soldierscan be combined to form a variety of structures and constructed to any desired length.

They can be used in façade retention and heavy duty shoring, as well as: traditional wall formwork with all waling types, façade support frames, temporary foot bridges, trusses to span openings, truss to provide long span clear roof support, waling frame for cofferdam supports, heavy duty towers and struts, travelling tunnel forms and travelling gantry systems to handle wall forms or to provide support to overhanging in-situ deck edge construction.


Formwork Protection Products

  • Rebar caps - a durable flanged cap that covers exposed rebar poles and reinforcement bars.
  • Concrete frost blanket - used to protect concrete slabs in their early stages against freezing temperatures and can also be used in summer to prevent excessive heat or wind moisture.
  • Temporary protective sheeting – ideal for protecting items during building works.
  • Hessian roll - can be used as a barrier against frost.               

Formwork Tie Rod System

  • Tie rod - acting as a tie in a building or other structure.
  • Wing nuts - a knock-on wing nut used with waler plates to secure the bar in formwork.
  • Waler plates - used in formwork with a wing nut for load transfer.
  • Tie rod connectors - used to join tie rods to ensure equal spacing inside the connector.
  • Water barrier connectors - for use in water retaining structures.
  • Cast in anchor – for casting into concrete, with nailing plate for fixing to formwork.
  • Weldable anchor - a forged anchor that can be welded to structural steel and sheet piling.
  • Tie rod sleeve - used as an expendable sleeve over tie rods, aiding removal and also acting as a spacer to ensure correct width.
  • Tie sleeve cones - used at the ends of the tie rod sleeves. Can easily be extracted after removal of formwork, to form a chamfered recess for grouting.
  • Aquafix plugs - widely used in reservoirs and sewage treatment works as a seal where grouting is necessary.
  • Tie plug cement - a cementitious powder designed specifically for plugging tie holes.

Formwork Fixings

Plastic corner fillets, formwork tape, grout check foam, formwork plugs, steel adjustable kickers, plastic kickers and excalibur bolts.                 

Formwork Chemicals

MevaTrenn, sprayers and form wax.                    

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