We purchase goods and services on a Preferred Supplier basis.

Strategic purchases of capital goods occur centrally via our Purchasing Team based in Warrington. Day to day capital goods, supporting parts and supplies are purchased locally by our Depot Managers, from the approved suppliers on our Preferred Supplier Program.

Any capital equipment purchases outside the Preferred Supplier and approved model specifications are approved by the Purchasing Team, as are additional supporting parts, service, merchandise and contracts to help us service our estate – for example office equipment, supplies and furniture, mobile phones, waste disposal, maintenance supplies and advertising.

We strive to negotiate and purchase products and services from suppliers who offer the best value in quality, price, service, availability and on time delivery. We have adopted the guidelines set by The Prompt Payment Code (PPC) in respect of its standard payment terms, and use suppliers who offer the best available warranties, and who value long term relationships.

Purchase Order Terms

We require system-generated Purchase Order numbers for all goods and services. Purchase Orders are mailed, faxed or emailed to you.

Contractual Agreements

All contractual agreements are required to be signed by an Executive Officer at our Support Office in Warrington. Employees at our local depots are not authorised to sign such agreements.

Are you interested in supplying us?

We are interested to review new innovations and welcome enquiries from all backgrounds, including SMEs, micro businesses and the third sector. If you are interested in supplying to us, please submit your interest by emailing us in the first instance. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate department to see if it meets our needs. Please note that no invoices will be processed unless suppliers have been qualified, approved and established as an approved supplier.
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