Water Solutions in Support of AMP7

Delivering Solutions to AMP7

Delivering Solutions to the water sector and supporting AMP7

AMP7 continues to address issues such as climate change, water scarcity and population growth, whilst delivering on Ofwat’s requirements for enhanced customer engagement, fairer pricing, water supply resilience and environmental protection.

Following the water life cycle, we have analysed were we can assist contractors in achieving their AMP7 targets.

Sunbelt Rentals & AMP7


Sunbelt Rentals has a network of over 190 depots across the UK, a dedicated team of more than 3,700 experts and the UK’s largest and innovative fleet of equipment for hire, making us your one-stop solution for all your AMP7 project requirements.

We can support you through the whole process, as utility product specialists we offer the latest in pipeline commissioning equipment, data capture technology and more.

We offer a vast range of innovative products and solutions for each part of the water commissioning process, from repair and maintenance work, hydro schemes or projects carried out in clean water or waste water treatment works.

Hydro Scheme

The importance of renewable energy is highlighted in AMP7, see how we can support Hydro Schemes.

AMP7 Hydro Scheme

Clean Water Treatment

Demand for clean water grows year on year. We have analysed how we can support Clean Water Treatment plants.


Leakage is a key target of AMP7. Replacing ageing assets is crucial to achieving the leakage reduction targets of AMP7. See how we can help.

Developer Services

The rapidly growing population has increased demand for housing massively in recent years. The knock-on effect of this is an increased demand for Developer Services, see how we can increase productivity on site.

Repair & Maintenance

AMP7 has set a target for a 15% reduction in leakage by 2025. The repair and maintenance of the existing water network is a huge challenge, we have the latest equipment and innovations to speed up work processes and tackle the challenge at hand. 

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment sites are hazardous environments. We only provide equipment from suppliers we trust and actively work with our supplier base to ensure all equipment is maintained to the highest standards.


Often based in exposed areas, outfalls require tough equipment to deal with the difficult terrain. We source our equipment with the work in mind. Even creating bespoke welding containers to help shield workers from poor weather conditions.


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