Low Level Access Platforms

We offer a range of low-level access platforms for hire in the UK, including self-propelled powered access and push-around vertical (PAV) models that do not require a power source.

Our personnel life solutions are versatile and can be applied in any environment. Many of our models are narrow enough to fit single and standard doorways, easy to manoeuvre, with accessible working heights ranging between 3m and 5m.

These personnel lifts can handle high working loads from 150kg to 250kg, with spacious platform sizes that provide extra working room. These small access platforms allow users to do more with less, compared to traditional access methods like ladders and scaffolding.

All are available to you with flexible hire periods and next-day nationwide delivery. Our experts are also on hand to provide working-at-height training if necessary. Ready to hire? Give us a call today.

Our Range of Low Level Access Platforms

Safe And Efficient MEWP Hire

A MEWP, which stands for Mobile Elevated Work Platform, is designed to provide a safe and efficient solution for working at height in various industries and applications. MEWPs have sturdy platforms that can be raised, lowered, and manoeuvred to access elevated work areas.

These platforms come in different types, such as scissor and boom lifts, each tailored to specific tasks and height requirements. We offer a range of MEWPs, allowing professionals to work comfortably and securely at elevated positions, enhancing productivity and ensuring occupational safety.

Working at Height Safely with Sunbelt Rentals

At Sunbelt Rentals, safety is the foundation of success when working at height. Our teams are provided with comprehensive training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to prevent accidents from working at height.

Training Services

We are proud to be an accredited IPAF and PASMA training provider, and we offer the following courses:

  • PASMA Certified Access Tower Training
  • IPAF MEWPs Operator Training
  • IPAF PAL+ Advanced Operator Training
  • IPAF Demonstrator Training
  • IPAF Push Around Vertical (PAV) Training
  • IPAF MEWPs Safety Harness and Lanyard Training
  • IPAF MEWPs for Managers

Our training courses guarantee you will be thoroughly prepared to handle any challenges at elevation, providing a secure working environment for you and your team.

Need Help Choosing the Right Low Level Access Product?

  • Every safe height

  • Every remote location

  • Every training requirement

  • Available nationwide

Leave the how to us.

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