Plastic Medium-Duty Temporary Roadway System

The Euromat is a man-handleable, plastic, medium-duty temporary roadway system for rubber tyred vehicle access.

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these road mats are rugged yet flexible. They follow the contours of any undulating ground, enabling safe passage of plant, equipment and personnel. 

The EuroMat is temporary road matting with excellent anti-slip surface. Its uniquely engineered chevron traction surface provides ultimate grip, dispelling mud and dirt while vehicles drive over it. The chevron nub design reduces sideways movement and slippage and delivers optimal forward traction. 

Each mat weighs just 33kg, which allows for fast and easy installation by a crew of two. The EuroMats are weatherproof, water and chemical resistant, and can be used even in sub-zero temperatures. Interested?


Suitable for: Unsuitable for:
Level, stable ground Heavy plant or vehicles
Sites with access issues Very soft ground
Rubber tyred vehicles Heavy or prolonged use


Colour / Material Plastic recycled HDPE
Weight 33kg
Length 2,400mm
Width 1,200mm
Depth 13mm
Area 2.89m²
Carrying Capacity Dependent on ground conditions

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Download - EuroMat Specification Sheet

Find out more about why EuroMat is a perfect site access product for medium-duty vehicles.

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As an industry leader in Trakway solutions, we prioritise the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Our products are specifically designed and produced with a focus on being eco-friendly and sustainable, which underscores our commitment to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability.

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As the UK's leading supplier of Trakway systems, we supply an engineered solution to allow safe passage across any terrain. Your Sunbelt Rentals contact will be a sector specific engineer, who has the technical equipment and expertise to eliminate risks and ensure your site is safe throughout the project.

For total assurance we conduct a site survey, including risk assessment and method statements. We'll assess site conditions, support and advise on the design of your temporary access requirements, and produce detailed site drawings along with specific documentation to support a safe installation plan.

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