ATEX Radios

Need reliable communication for your team working in high risk environments?

Sunbelt Rentals offers a comprehensive range of ATEX-certified two-way radios, ensuring safe and effective communication in oil & gas, chemical, and other hazardous environments. From industry leaders like Motorola and Hytera, our radios are built for durability and performance, keeping your team connected and coordinated.

We also offer a wide selection of compatible accessories, including earpieces, chargers, and carrying cases, to optimise your communication experience.

Contact Sunbelt Rentals today to learn more about how our ATEX-certified radios can help you keep your team safe and connected in any environment.

Our Range of ATEX Radios

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Looking to Buy Hytera Communications Equipment?

We stock a wide range of Hytera radios, body cameras, and accessories with fast delivery nationwide.

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