We’ve invested in the most innovative solutions that make it easier to implement dust containment measures and enable day-to-day operations without costly disruption or health risks.

Containment plays a vital role in controlling airborne hazards and safeguarding the health and well-being of individuals and the environment. By using an acoustic cutting station, you can create a controlled environment that effectively captures, filters and isolates airborne contaminants as well as noise pollution.

Our industry-leading and award-winning range of dust containment tent solutions are ideal for mitigating the risk of exposure and potential health consequences in many environments, from healthcare settings to construction and industrial applications.

Through our exclusive hire partnership with HEPACART® UK, we can provide best-in-class mobile containment carts and STARC® wall systems that improve your productivity by removing the need to close down entire areas whilst essential works are carried out.


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Our air quality experts follow the latest guidelines outlined by recognised industry bodies, such as: 

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We'll work with you to develop a tailored solution for your application, from highly sensitive healthcare environments to construction sites. With the UK's largest rental fleet, from plant and tools to test and monitoring equipment, we can combine specialist air quality equipment with a range of other products to provide a complete solution for your site.

Our partnership with award-winning manufacturers, such as HEPACART® UK, allows us to offer you rental options for best-in-class equipment. They're all available for delivery and installation nationwide from our strategically located depot network.

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  • Lowering Dust Exposure in the Workplace

    Dust exposure can have significant long-term implications on our health and wellbeing, in some instances even resulting in death. The HSE are currently running a nationwide campaign, targeting construction sites throughout the UK to raise awareness of the respiratory risks from dust exposure. Have you or your company recently been visited by the HSE, or are you due to receive a visit soon? Then we’re here to help.

    This blog will focus on the respiratory risks associated with varying degrees and types of dust exposure. It will highlight why dust monitoring is so essential for your business and educate on ways of keeping safe whilst working in a dust filled environment.

    At Sunbelt Rentals we stock a range of tools and equipment which enable construction companies to detect, monitor and protect against dust levels. With our expert help, and world-first products, we have the power to begin protecting construction companies from dust exposure, today.

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