Passenger & Goods Hoists

Passenger and Goods Hoist Hire

Passenger & goods hoists are used to transport people and materials vertically up a building or structure, or down a shaft below ground level, operating as a lift you would normally find within a completed building.

Hoist cages can be supplied in a variety of sizes: 1.0 - 6.2 metres long, 1.0 – 3.0 metres wide and payload between 300 – 3200Kg. With access to the cage available from three sides, hoists can be configured to suit most applications in construction and industrial applications.

A recent addition to our fleet is the Alimak Mammoth 55/50 hoist, which has a 5500Kg capacity and measures 3m wide and up to 5.0m long.
Different drive technologies and control systems are available to suit the intended use of the hoist and provide a reliable and efficient solution for your hoisting needs.
Passenger & goods hoists are operated from inside the cage by a trained driver, who supervises the safe loading and unloading of the cage at the required landings.

Our services include comprehensive familiarisation training along with IPAF accredited hoist operator training.

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