Sunbelt Rentals Generators on hire at CarFest

Our Generators

Our Generators

Each year we invest a multi-million pound figure in enhancing our generator fleet to ensure that customers can hire the latest, safest and most environmentally efficient equipment from us.

Our Suppliers

We purchase equipment from world-class manufacturers such as JCB and HGI with the very latest fuel efficient engines, easy operation systems, earth leakage protection, remote access control panels and quick release fuel valve connections for bulk bunded fuel tanks.

Generator Maintenance

All equipment is maintained by a team of qualified engineers and backed up by support from key manufacturers. Over and above this we are able to deal with bespoke service and maintenance requirements as part of any agreement. To enhance service scheduling and ensure minimum disruption, our IT systems produce service and calibration information at pre-defined intervals to ensure that all equipment is serviced, tested and certified in accordance with current legislation, as well as Health and Safety requirements.

We operate a Quality Management System (ISO 9001) registered and accredited with BSI. We operate a full Procedures Manual which is continually updated and provided within all locations and available on our website. Our QMS is based around the principle of continuous improvement by our experts and controls all aspects of our
operations from maintenance to customer service.

Synchronised Generator Sets

With a large amount of generators with synchronisation capabilities, with the ability to set up multiple sets in synch & load demand mode, we can synchronise multiple sets together to provide temporary power for any application.

Synchronised generator packages are ideal for projects which require the use of two or more generators to run in parallel at the same time, whilst providing significant fuel savings. The load is divided across multiple generator sets and a fixed frequency is maintained. Continuous power is ensured, because if one generator cuts out, another will automatically kick in.

  • Significant fuel savings
  • Safer maintenance
  • Ability to swap generators with no downtime
  • Power continuously provided even if a generator breaks down
  • Further generators can be added for even more resilience

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