Fireman Using Two Way Radio Accessory

Radio Accessories

Charging & Batteries

We have a range of chargers to suit your needs including single and six way chargers

Single Charger

  • Chemistry: NiMH / Li-Ion
  • Number of Pockets: 1
  • Maintenance System: No
  • Operating Voltage AC: 230
  • Display: No

Six Way Charger

  • Chemistry: Ni-MH / Li-Ion
  • Number of Pockets: 6
  • Battery Management System
  • Operating Voltage AC: 120-240
  • External Power Supply
  • Optional Display Models available


  • Dp1400 & Dp4400 Batteries
  • Various NI-MH and Li-ion options

Audio Accessories


Remote Speaker Microphone

Available with and without Audio Jack:

  • IP54 and IP67 Versions
  • Optional Emergency Button
  • Acoustic: Wind porting Omni-Directional microphone

Heavy Duty Noise Cancelling Headset

  • Various PTT Options
  • Receive via: Single and both ears
  • Transmit via: Boom Mic
  • Headband, neckband and helmet attachment
  • Noise Reduction up to 32Db

Throat Mics with Ear Hanger

  • Picks up the user's voice directly from the vocal chords
  • Requires Interface Module PMLN6827.
  • Requires the PTT button down lead

Earpieces/ Ear Hanger Inline Microphone and Push to Talk Button

  • Various style earpieces including C-shape D-shape & earbuds
  • Earpiece only available to attach to remote speaker microphone


Carrying Solutions

Soft and hard leather cases, shoulder straps and aqua bags to keep your radios protected and easy to carry.


  • Material soft, hard leather or nylon case
  • Choice of design including
  • Belt loop
  • Belt Clip
  • Optional Klick Fast System

Waterproof Bag

  • Material: Plastic
  • Attachment Type: Shoulder
  • Display/Non-Display: Both

Safety & Communication Range

View our full range of Safety & Communications equipment here.
Safety & Communications

4G Wireless Router

Get the fastest connectivity around your site with our 4G Wireless router here.
4G Wireless Router
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