Two Project Managers Stood In front Of Battery Storage Units And A Hybrid Generator

A Clean Energy Solution for Story Contracting

Story Contracting is delivering a bridge replacement project as part of the Ravenscraig development program of works for Network Rail in Scotland.
Project and Location
Motherwell, Scotland
Products (Inc Quantity)

- Battery Storage Units (BSUs)

- Energy Management System (EMS)

- Solar Array

- EV Charger

- 60kVA Generator

- 18 Welfare Units (including 14 Eco Units)

The construction of a new under bridge is part of the ongoing works to upgrade the road connections between Motherwell and Ravenscraig for North Lanarkshire Council.

The Challenge

This complex project is expected to take 12 months to complete and involves constructing the structure offline then positioning it below the West Coast mainline.
To carry out the works Story required a large site compound with a 24/7 temporary power solution for flood lighting, EV charging and a welfare complex of 18 units including office space, drying rooms, canteen, stores, meeting rooms, toilets and showers.
The welfare units had already been supplied by the Sunbelt Rental’s Accommodation team with eco savings in mind. Fourteen units in the main compound are eco rated, meaning they offer a range of savings including efficient lighting, extra insulation to reduce heat loss by 39% and water efficiencies saving up to 58% more water when compared with standard units.
However, the team at Story are passionate about seeking out greener solutions that can reduce their environment impact wherever possible, so they wanted to go further and sought a Cleaner Energy solution that could further reduce their carbon footprint and the impact on the surrounding environment.

The Solution

Traditionally a 150kVA generator would be needed to power the sites’ needs, running 24/7 and burning approx. 18 li/fuel per hour.
However, there is a much better, Cleaner Energy solution and it’s delivering significant savings.
Andy Gordon from the Sunbelt Rentals’ Energy Team assessed the sites’ power requirements and recommended they install a Battery Storage Unit (BSU) and Energy Management System (EMS) alongside a smaller, 60kVA fuel powered generator as well as an EV charger.
The Cleaner Energy Solution was installed on 7th June 2022
The EMS was programmed to switch off non-essential devices when not in use (such as heaters, lights, water boilers etc).
This allowed the Energy Management System to control, regulate and monitor power requirements on site, fundamentally suppressing the peak load and creating a perfect environment for a BSU to operate in.
The BSU can then power the entire site whenever the load dropped below a certain kw (typically overnight and at weekends). This is silent fuel-free, emission-free power.