Outage Support at Billingham

Billingham manufacturing plant in Stockton-on-Tees produces products for British farming and other sectors within industry. It is an integrated production and storage facility, manufacturing chemicals, utilities and ammonium nitrate fertiliser.

The plant is at the heart of the Teesside Chemical Industry. CF Fertilisers UK is on site and is dedicated to producing market leading fertilisers. It continuously invests in its plant to ensure it remains a state-of-the-art facility.

Through innovation and investment, the plants at Billingham have all set new production records and significantly lowered carbon production.

Customer Name
CF Fertilisers
Project and Location

The Challenge

CF Fertilisers planned to undertake essential maintenance on their Haverton Hill site in Billingham and required a partner to reliably deliver all equipment and fuel management services.

The Solution

We were appointed as the sole supplier for the duration of the outage. Our shutown team drew from across our national network and vast product portfolio to ensure the latest equipment was supplied in plenty of time.

We also used one of our local depots to fully test the equipment before it was sent to site. This was crucial as any work during outages must be safe and the tasks are extremely time critical – any period of inactivity at an industrial plant is extremely expensive and by its very nature the work can be dangerous for the engineers. 

To ensure the equipment was always ready for operation, our team also visited site twice a day to refuel all the diesel machines, seven days a week.

The Results

In total, during the outage we provided hundreds of pieces of equipment, including:

  • 58 lighting products
  • 107 welding items
  • 13 pieces of pipe equipment
  • 96 power generation items
  • 30 communications/radios

The customer received all equipment on time and as requested. The fuel management service was extremely successful allowing the outage to go smoothly with no operational issues for the plant equipment provided, and the customer was very pleased with our service.

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