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Canada Water

The Canada Water Masterplan is a partnership between British Land, Southwark Council and the local community to create an outstanding new town centre for Southwark and London that complements the local area, making an active, positive, long-term contribution to local life.

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Battery Storage Unit, Site safety and floodlights, Site cctv, Site turnstiles, 2x no traffic marshals huts 


The Masterplan covers 53 acres providing jobs, homes, offices, shops, public spaces and facilities and responds to the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Southwark Council’s policy aspirations to deliver new homes and jobs at Canada Water. Wates Group approached Sunbelt Rentals to provide noise-conscious power generation on one section of the site, where a 36 storey tower will be constructed containing 180 apartments and 3 office buildings.


The site is located directly opposite two large residential buildings that are occupied. This posed the issue of noise on site, particularly in the evenings. Minimising impact on local residents was crucial to Wates Group.


A new technology was the answer. By combining a standard 100kVA generator with a battery storage unit (BSU), the generator could be automatically switched-off during evenings and periods when power demands are low seamlessly transferring the load to the BSU, providing silent power.


The added benefit of the BSU is that it also reduces emissions and fuel costs. A standard generator set up would have ran for 840 hours over the five weeks with an average fuel consumption of 10 litres per hour, at current fuel prices this would cost a total of £4872. The BSU reduced generator running time by 586 hours, saving £3,396.73 in fuel costs, The solution also meant there was silent power supplied for 70% of the time on site. Emissions were also reduced by 70%, over the 5 weeks this equated to 15,460 kg of CO2 saved. The Ingenium Battery Storage Unit is just one Greener Power Solution Sunbelt Rentals is bringing to market. To find out more about our other Greener Solutions click here.






No management of the system is necessary as it is all automated, which is helpful. We have had no complaints about noise from local residents, this is impressive as the generator is situated within 5 metres of the occupied residential buildings.
Wates Group’s Callum Conner


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