How did we create a greener approach to corporate events?

A major investment group significantly reduced the environmental impact of running their annual summer celebrations by opting for sustainable power solutions, with 78% of the power generated using greener Battery Storage Units, and burning just 54 litres of fuel across the entire 4-day event.

4 days
Products (Inc Quantity)
  • 16x 30kVA/60kWh Battery Storage Units (BSUs)
  • 3x Stage V Generator 20 kVA
  • 3x Stage V Generator 40 kVA
  • 1x Stage V Generator 60 kVA
  • 4x Solar Tower Lights
  • 1 HVO Powered Telehandlers
  • 595 metres Mesh Fencing
  • 3x Electric Vehicle Chargers


Each year a major investment group invites their 750-colleague base and their families to gather at their annual summer reception, celebrating success together as one. In recent years they acknowledged the environmental impact running such events can have, so they began looking at innovative alternatives. 

The Challenge 

This year, the group decided to run their entire 4-day event using as little fossil fuel as possible, with a goal of reaching a more environmentally friendly future for these events moving forward. A main focus was to reduce the level of CO2 emitted as a result of their activity, given the multiple attractions on site including bouncy castles, catering tents, music stages and more, which typically use a large amount of diesel burned through generators.

As an alternative, they looked to Sunbelt Rentals to deliver both a clean and uninterrupted supply of energy.

The Solution 

With one of the UK’s largest and most comprehensive fleet of clean energy solutions, Sunbelt Rentals helped to configure the site’s bespoke requirements and drafted in a cohort of green energy equipment from our closest power depot to gravitate the investment group toward their greener energy goals. Delivering 16x 30kVA Battery (Energy) Storage Units (BSUs) to provide the vast majority of uninterrupted power to the site, we were able to significantly reduce the number of traditional power generators required to just 7 of our Stage V generators, our most efficient and energy conscious generators – many of which weren’t used but rather were simply deployed as a backup solution.

Alongside the power solutions, a collection of solar and electrical equipment was scoped and delivered to help with the logistical side of things. With everything from lighting using 4 of our Solar Tower Lights, to lifting and moving capabilities in 1 of our HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) Telehandlers, and 3 of our Electric Vehicle Chargers, we were able to make the clean vision a reality.

And as a supplementary provision, we also provided 595 metres of Mesh Fencing intended to secure the site perimeter and improve the safety of guests in attendance.

The Result 

Across the weekend we successfully delivered uninterrupted green power to a multitude of different areas on site, including 4 music stages, catering tents, washing and showering facilities, children’s bouncy castles and more. In total saving an estimated sum of 15,000L in fossil fuels, 39,896kg in CO2 emissions, and producing £9,760 in social value generation.

*Savings calculates based on the estimated fuel consumption of generator-only power delivered to the same equipment and facilities.

Reflecting back, the investment group and its 750 guests were able to celebrate together under the umbrella of sustainability, in a safe and secure environment. All configured using the power of Sunbelt Rentals, we were able to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and set a blueprint for the future of their in-person events.

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