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Rob Morris Groundworks - Coed Derw Housing Development

Rob Morris Groundworks Ltd, trading as RMG Groundworks, undertake specialist groundworks and civil engineering projects to the very highest of standards with a focus on quality assurance, health and safety.  They work to combine smart working techniques such as GPS machine control solutions and 3D modelling with traditional build methods, for a smart and efficient solution.

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Rob Morris Groundworks
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Leica iCON iCR70 Robotic Total Station

Sunbelt Rentals had an existing relationship with Rob Morris Groundworks for over two years, and over that time, their market had primarily been in Civil Engineering. However, the company had increasingly begun moving into the Housing market over the past year and were taking on new clients.

One such client was Bellway, a residential property developer working on a new project: Coed Derw, a housing development in Mid Glamorgan, Wales. Rob Morris Groundworks was chosen as a contractor for Bellway to deliver residential groundworks and infrastructure, and it was imperative that the company impressed with the speed and precision of their work early on.

The Challenge

Ryan Jones, Site Engineer for Rob Morris Groundworks, found that the motors on the total stations he was using were slowing him down constantly, and he needed a faster, more user-friendly alternative that would work with the existing workflows of the company. He consulted with the Sunbelt Rentals Survey team to help find a suitable replacement Robotic Total Station that he could be confident in. Having worked with us before, he knew we would be able to provide him with sound advice and the technical expertise he would also require.

The Solution

After a consultation with the Sunbelt team, Rob Morris Groundworks were recommended the Leica iCON iCR70 Robotic Total Station. This product was chosen as it was well-suited to the workflow that the company uses and the sectors they work in, and is ideal for setting out plots, drainage, roads and kerblines.

Upon testing, this option was found to be more user-friendly than the instrument they previously used, which allowed Ryan, and subsequently his two fellow engineers, to work faster and smarter.

The Leica iCON icr70 is ideal for setting out, with easy-to-use Site and Build software. It’s also more akin to Topcon Magnet Software, which the Rob Morris Groundworks team was used to, than to Leica Captivate Software, making the transition from one to the other simpler. The Leica CC80 tablet has an easy-to-follow display, and the map screen shows the points to be set out in a helpful, clear format.

While on-site training is available from Sunbelt Rentals, this team took to the new equipment quickly and found they did not need further instruction, instead utilising our technical support helpline. Ryan and his colleagues were also able to call into the depot at any point if they had issues with their hardware.

Rob Morris Groundworks subsequently picked up three iCON Robotic Total Stations for long-term hire for their Engineers and they are now picking up work with major developers. We provide them with a local service through a nearby Survey depot with knowledgeable staff, a dedicated account manager who is available for contact and regularly calls in on site, along with technical expertise from our experiences support team.

I’ve used Sunbelt Rentals Survey for a number of years with my previous employers, using Topcon Two Man and Robotic Total Stations. In March of 2021, having joined Rob Morris Groundworks, I changed to the iCON Robotic Total Station from Sunbelt and have found it to be far better in terms of user friendliness. For the work that I do, which is primarily setting out, it’s ideal and it allows me to do my job quickly and efficiently. This is our first project for this particular client, and we have to get it right. With the iCON, backed up by the local and technical support that we get from Sunbelt’s Survey team, I have complete confidence.
Ryan Jones, Site Engineer, Rob Morris Groundworks

The Results

After Ryan began using the iCR70, he was suitably impressed and instigated the policy that Rob Morris’s two other Engineers use the same equipment. This has allowed the Engineers to share files and work to the same format, increasing their efficiency. Due to the agility and the excellent work of the engineers, Rob Morris Groundworks have been able to secure further work with major developers.

The project is ongoing, and due to the quick start that has been made, in part due to the use of the iCON iCR70, Rob Morris Groundworks has now picked up a second Bellway project in South Wales, beginning in June 2022.

robotic-Total-Staion-Being-Used-By-Surveyor-At-Coed-Derw-Housing-Development Robotic-Total-Station-being-Used-At-Coed-Drew-Housing-Development-Site-At-Early-Stages Robotic-Total-Station-Being-Used-On-Coed-Derw-Housing-Development-Site-To-Survey-The-Area
It’s been great to develop our relationship with Rob Morris Groundworks over the last 12 months or so. Having dealt with Ryan previously it’s been so rewarding to see how he and his colleagues have adapted to using the iCON and we’ve been delighted to offer them our support and expertise during this long term hire.
Andrew O’Brien, Sales Sunbelt Rentals
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