Aluminium Trakway Lay On A Rugby Pitch

Slough Rugby Club Cell Phone Tower Refurbishment

WHP Telecoms needed to carry out refurbishment work on a mobile phone tower located within the grounds of Slough Rugby Club. Sunbelt Rentals were involved from the initial planning stage to provide a solution to gain access to the tower.

Project and Location
Slough, Berkshire
3 Weeks
Products (Inc Quantity)

160 Aluminium Trakway Panels, 6m x 4m Trench Crossing

The Challenge

A lorry and a 55-ton crane were required to enable the refurbishment work to take place. The vehicles needed to travel across the grass rugby pitches and over an existing, crumbling culvert to reach the tower. It was essential that the vehicles did not cause any damage to the area.

Customers can rely on us to understand the requirements of the project and provide the right solution. In this case, it was great to see how trakway panels and a trench crossing were used in conjunction with one another to create an access solution for this project.
Jim Winfield, Contracts Manager, Sunbelt Rentals

The Solution

After an initial site visit to locate the entry point and explore ground conditions, Sunbelt Rentals created a temporary access solution. Three hundred meters of aluminium trakway panels protected the rugby pitches whilst allowing heavy vehicles passage. A trench crossing was positioned across the culvert, which prevented it from crumbling further. Additional aluminium trakway panels were used to create a space for the crane to set up, allowing ample of room to complete the refurbishment work safely.

The service provided by Sunbelt Rentals has been excellent. The supplied equipment has been perfect for our requirements and allowed us to access the tower easily.
Daniel Goodbourn, Build Manager, WHP Telecoms Ltd


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