Waste Transfer Station

A waste transfer station is being constructed for Viridor Waste Management Ltd at a landfill site near to Castle Cary in Somerset.

The work includes the part demolition of existing structures, and the temporary support and extension of a steel framed building with reinforced concrete waste handling bays, together with external works improvements for the reconfigured facility. The new facility will increase Viridor’s handling capacity of Somerset County waste. The construction contract has been awarded to Britannia Construction and Greystone Construction has been involved in the formwork side of the contract.

Customer Name
Greystone Construction Ltd
Project and Location
Waste Transfer Station, Castle Cary, Somerset
Products (Inc Quantity)

Galvanised Mammut 350 Panels

The Challenge

This was a challenging project involving a large concrete pour, the use of different formwork panel sizes and the requirement for an excellent concrete finish. In order to meet construction schedules, time was also of the essence.

The Solution

Leada Acrow’s galvanised Mammut 350 formwork panel system was chosen for this project as it is especially suited for use on very large and high structures, allowing rapid concrete pours with a concrete load capacity of 100kN/m² and any rate of pouring up to a height of 4m, irrespective of ambient temperature or concrete composition. Protected with a hot dip galvanized coating, the galvanizing method used provides the panels with technically the best possible coating solution and corrosion protection to the equipment.

The concrete finish was critical on this project and due to the Alkus face, the Mammut 350 system ensured an even joint pattern of the concrete surface, delivering a smooth, clean, consistent and even concrete finish. The speed with which the panels could be erected was also a distinct advantage. As an example, if the contractor has six large panels in a wall with six tie positions, it only takes 6 x 20 minutes to put them up.

The Results

Greystone Construction were absolutely delighted with the ease of using the Mammut 350 formwork system and its speed and efficiency in use. They were also extremely pleased with the polished finish achieved on the concrete.

The large Mammut panels with the six tie positions are quite simply excellent. There is very little work for the operatives to do and the panels are very easy to work with. They simply check it, put it up to the design and pour in the concrete. The range of panel sizes was of great benefit to us because it gives the flexibility to work within the varying designs. The concrete finish from the Alkus face is absolutely superb and gives a nice polished finish. We were very happy with the service provided by Leada Acrow, especially the transport, the communication and the logistics of bringing the Mammut panels to site when they were needed - not before, not after but exactly when we needed them. We will definitely be using Leada Acrow again and I would recommend them 100%. They’re very efficient, providing a very good service and a very good system.
Clive Owen, MD, Greystone Construction Ltd
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