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Prepare your equipment. Prevent the spread. Protect your people.

Prepare your equipment. Prevent the spread. Protect your people. We take your health, safety, and wellbeing at work seriously. No matter where you work, we’re here to help you to do your job in the safest way possible. That’s why our new Prepare, Prevent and Protect solution allows you to adhere to social distancing and site safety regulations whilst protecting your colleagues, customers, and suppliers from harm.   We offer a full solution, from servicing and maintaining equipment to providing products and services that keep you safe at work.

Virus Detection

With the industry’s latest thermal camera, we can offer you accurate body temperature measurement. Higher temperatures may indicate a fever or an illness, such as Covid 19. 

Virus Mitigation

There are millions of bacteria on our hands and elbows. Using the right equipment can prevent the spread of these bacteria, including:

  • Sanitisation stations for washing hands
  • PPE to protect yourself and others
  • Welfare units to provide  safe space for breaks and meetings

Social Distancing

Maintaining a safe distance from others can reduce the rate of transmitting viruses and diseases. From signage to social distancing technology, we have what you need to easily social distance.

Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing is a method of ensuring Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) seals adequately to the wearer's face to prevent harmful air can passing into the lungs.

Our Fit2Fit accredited Respiratory Technicians carry out Face Fit testing across the UK, both remotely and in our Barking and Manchester depots.

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