£2m Investment in New Eco-Friendly Welfare Units

news 21 Oct 2019

Sunbelt Rentals Accommodation has expanded its fleet of eco-friendly welfare units. The investment supplied by Boss Cabins is worth £2 million and means we can continue our ongoing commitment to you to deliver a greener and more environmental fleet.

Sunbelt Rentals Accommodation has invested £2m expanding its hire fleet of eco-friendly welfare units.

The cabins are 100% corrosion resistant and are constructed from high-grade stainless steel. With a minimum lifespan of 25 years as opposed to the average 7 years for a mild steel cabin, 90% of the materials used can be recycled at the end of the cabin’s life.

Fitted with an eco-electric system that means that many of the cabin’s functions run off 12V battery instead of generator power, the new units give users a 33% average reduction in generator run-time and fuel consumption.

The cabins can accommodate 7 of your people instead of the industry standard of 6. The units meet all the HSE regulations and provide a high standard of accommodation and comfort, whilst also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

The new greener units will support our continued fleet investment as well as our commitment to reducing carbon emissions on a whole. Their light-weight and robust structure makes them ideal for the industry, while offering market-leading value and safety that will make a real impact to our customers on-site.
Ian Needham, Director of Sunbelt Rentals Accommodation


We are really pleased to be able to support A-Plant in their continued investment and growth. As a business, we are committed to helping our customers’ day-to-day operations by supplying units that are energy-efficient, safe and user-friendly with low running costs, extended service intervals and comprehensive aftercare support. “Our products are designed to have the lowest environmental impact with real benefits in reduced fuel use, water consumption, carbon emissions and noise. In addition, the stainless steel build chosen by A-Plant is the most sustainable on the market, greatly extending the life of their fleet.
Matthew Wordsworth, Boss Cabins Director

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