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British Steel Powered Access Solution

news 23 Jul 2021

Sunbelt Rentals has been supporting British Steel for many years. Throughout this time, we've become a trusted partner to British Steel and now supply industrial equipment and solutions 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Earlier this year, we secured a contract to supply Powered Access equipment due to the reliability of our equipment, telematics capability and our existing relationship with British Steel.


British Steel required Powered Access Solutions to compliment an existing range of Sunbelt Rentals products already deployed at British Steel sites. To meet their minimum standard for site safety, we delivered a solution that mitigated the risk of any unauthorised use and demonstrated our ability to provide information on machine utilisation, location and health.

This included:

  • A full Telemetry solution, which enabled proactive maintenance interventions (such as Low Battery Levels), reporting on machine productivity and tracking the location of equipment via GPS. Additionally, British Steel could access reports with real-time and trended management information.
  • Access Control fitted to all machinery. Pin codes or RFID cards were required before use to ensure that only trained individuals used the equipment.
  • Additional fleet from our extensive range across the UK to meet ad-hoc requirements. 

The Benefits to British Steel

Access Control linked with telemetry provided British Steel with the ability to monitor machines remotely and have a better understanding of how the equipment is used. This allowed British Steel to utilise equipment more efficiently and sustainably, and take proactive measures, like preventative maintenance, to reduce downtime.

In addition, ensuring only trained team members operated the machines created a safer working environment for all. 

This recent success for Sunbelt Rentals demonstrates our ability provide a true solution-based partnership. It allows us to put customer service and innovation at the centre of our offering.
Will Temple - Head of Powered Access


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