Contract Award: Scottish Water Traffic Management

news 05 Mar 2021

We are pleased to announce a new sole supply traffic management contract with Scottish Water. This is an initial three year contract for the West region, with the option of up to a five year extension throughout the next SR21 regulatory period (2021-2027). The contract will commence on 1 April 2021.

Sunbelt Rentals is thrilled to have been awarded the full traffic management service contract for the West region, which incorporates Greater Glasgow and the West of Scotland. The contract builds on the success of our previous 2015-21 (SR15) contract, where we demonstrated collaboration with alliance partners, the internal Managed Delivery Team and the wider supply chain.

We are fully committed to providing a local 24/7/365 day complete traffic management solution, including: design, pre-work collaboration with all stakeholders, hire & install of equipment, a complete handover to on-site teams and delivery partners, maintenance as requested and full removal of equipment upon project completion.

Our Scottish team will introduce the use of innovative Auto Green technology traffic lights on this contract, using artificial intelligence to dynamically adjust signal behaviour in response to real-time traffic conditions, improving journey times through roadworks by up to 50%.

Congratulations to all of the Sunbelt Rentals Traffic Management team in securing this new contract. This builds upon the recent success of our five year award from Openreach, strengthening our position as Scotland’s largest Traffic Management company. 

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